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Moroccan Clementines In Season

December 4, 2020

Moroccan clementines are in season and Krown is now offering until mid January.

Available in a 2lb bag format.

Clementines are a soft citrus fruit which is a hybrid of the sweet orange and the mandarin.  They are known for their juicy, sweet flavour and easily peeled skin. Popular among consumers both young and old, clementines are a great grab and go snack that is rich in vitamin C.

Clementines are usually eaten fresh but can also be used to top salads or to flavour and/or decorate desserts.

Select clementines with deep-orange, glossy skins, that are heavy for their size to ensure a fruit with loads of juice.

Clementines are best stored in the refrigerator crisper, either in a perforated or mesh bag or loose.

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