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April 8, 2020

Through the basketball-themed campaign #MarchMATCHness, our president is “making lemons into lemonade” and raising money for local food banks!

What started as an initiative through our staff, which are located across North America, has become a 64-day campaign to support the more vulnerable at this time.

Themed after the NCAA’s March Madness and the 64 teams that would have participated, everyday our president will be dressing up for work in the wildest of colours to represent one of the schools. Using the hashtag for each school and tagging them on his tweets (asking for 100 retweets), he will be giving $500 EVERY DAY to a food bank where the school he’s representing is situated, and $500 to a food bank in one of the local communities where we operate.

Read his interview with CTV News here and follow the campaign on Twitter.

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