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Best Produce – Promich Avocados


Where other companies aim to maximize production and profits, Promich aims to maximize the well-being of their growers and staff to get quality fruits from the tree until your table. Every person who works there is dedicated to delivering the best quality avocados for you. They’ve partnered with over 200 small growers, and all of them are motivated by their values for food and for life. Their growers and plant team take responsibility at every step of the supply chain and diligently carry out their work to achieve unrivaled avocados. That’s their tradition.

Standards & Services.

For an avocado to have the best taste and texture, it needs to be picked at its peak. To ensure all their avocados are picked at the right time, their quality analysis team tests the oil content of the fruit. Their certified and experienced picking crews are skilled in distinguishing which avocados are ready for harvesting. They select all avocados that are ready by hand, using cotton gloves and canvas picking bags, the avocados never touch the ground.

The avocados are brought to their state-of-the-art packing houses, where the fruit is checked for external defects, sorted and processed. The avocados are precooled, sanitized, calibrated, packed, labeled, traceability ensured and stored in cold rooms until the date of their refrigerated transport to their destination. Always ensuring the cold chain which provides part of the quality of our avocados and ensures optimal shelf life and a best eating experience.

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Grower Partners.

They have advised, trained and supported their 200 small growers to obtain their certifications, in order that their work and care of their orchards always be in respect of nature and always produce the best tasting avocados.

maria lopez

Doña Maria López

"I am one of the first Promich avocado growers. They taught me how to better manage my orchard to have more production, thanks to them I also learned how to value my crop to sell it at a good price and have better conditions for my family."

Doña Esperanza Sepulveda

Doña Esperanza Sepulveda

"Promich is my family. They helped me to get my organic certification, therefore I could increase the profit on my orchard and could get another orchard. Now I have a better life that allows me to care more for my three children."

Don Artemio Sandoval

Don Artemio Sandoval

"I have collaborated with the Promich family for seven years, and they are really my family. They have taught me to take better care of my garden, and so I have had more production. This helps me to have more income so that my two children can follow their studies."

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